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Have you ever had an “aha!” moment where everything in your life seems to be in alignment and working harmoniously? These periods of clarity are times when we are connected with the natural currents and cycles of our outer and inner worlds, our true nature, flowing freely and effortlessly through life.

Arising from Daoist philosophy, the Wuji map (sometimes called the Taiji) is a circle, a simple, perfectly symmetrical shape with no beginning or end. It symbolizes the return to one’s original or true nature. It is also a depiction of limitlessness, indicating that our original nature knows no limitations. The only confines we may come up against are the ones we impose on ourselves. Our bodies are stages where restrictions display themselves, and if we listen carefully, we can access the wisdom we are each gifted with at birth.

Through the processes of listening, touch and movement afforded by the ancient practices of bodywork, we can open up more to this possibility of alignment and heal the limitations manifesting in our bodies.