A Note of Thanks and Gratitude From The Levin Family

Dear Friends and Family,

We are so grateful and thankful for your expressions of love, sympathy, condolences, and charity upon the passing of our beloved daughter and sister Brenda this past October. So many of you stepped forward to lend support to us in so many different ways.

First, many of you joined us in person or via Zoom for our “Celebration of Life” event in Brenda’s honor. What a wonderful way that was to show your love for Brenda and us.

Beyond that, many of you made charitable contributions in Brenda’s memory, provided food and meals for us, phoned us, wrote and mailed words of sympathy and condolence, and visited us during our time of remembrance and reflection. Our family, in turn, from Brenda’s “GoFundMe” dollars, made contributions to three breast cancer charities: “breastcancer.org,” “Unite for Her,” and “Living Beyond Breast Cancer”.

We talked within our family about how we might acknowledge the kindness of so many (literally hundreds) of you. It would be an overwhelming task to send individual thanks to each of you. Therefore, please accept this note as our way of thanking you both collectively and individually for your beautiful and amazing support during our difficult time.

Sincerely, with love and gratitude,

Natalie Levin, Alex Levin, Susan Levin, Alan Levin, & Brenda Levin (from a distance)

Brenda's Journey

Brenda Levin passed peacefully at 2am on October 30, 2021. A Celebration of Life took place on Saturday, November 6 at the Philadelphia Ethical Society.



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Brenda’s Recommended practitioners:

Six Fishes Acupuncture
(Accepts most insurance)


Dr. Schwartz Medical Acupuncture
(Does not take insurance, but accepts FSA and HSA and can provide you with superbills.)


WellPoint Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine
(Accepts most insurance)


Dr. Aaron Cashman, DAOM, L.OM., CYT
(Accepts most insurance)
Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine


Orlando Moreno, LMT, CLT
Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in oncology care


Gail Kotel
licensed Physical Therapist and certified Pilates instructor

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