Brenda is an exceptionally skilled body worker. I was astonished when she was able to gently adjust a very stubborn vertebrae that only a chiropractor had been able to work on up till then. I have the utmost trust in Brenda’s technical ability, professional judgment and keen intuition. The mindfulness with which Brenda works and her kind nature make you feel truly taken car of. I would recommend her highly for anything that needs fixing!”
– Micaela A., LAc Portland

“I saw Brenda one day a week for over two years and looked forward to our Shiatsu sessions the other six days.  When she moved away to pursue her master’s I was crushed and haven’t found anyone with nearly the same skilled hands.  Hand’s down Brenda is the most skilled person to ever put her hands on me.”
– Matt E. Philadelphia

“Getting a shiatsu from Brenda is one of the most relaxing experiences I have had!  She works deeply on many levels and I feel the effects of her healing touch long after she is done working her magic!”
– Alex B. Portland

“Brenda’s Shiatsu has given me great results physically and mentally. The body work sessions helped balance the energy (Chi, as Brenda calls it with a smile) in me. Brenda is extremely professional at her work, has in depth knowledge and wonderful hands. I highly recommend Brenda for Shiatsu.”
– Subbu R. Philadelphia

“Brenda is not only a phenomenal practitioner but an amazing colleague as well. Her professionalism, knowledge, and intuition combine to create an incredible bodywork experience.  I saw Brenda a number of times and each encounter provided a personalized effective treatment that left me not only feeling better, but also with something to think about. Our bodies are amazing, complicated, mysterious things; Brenda is connected completely to its amazing, complicated, and mysterious nature. Even things I did not tell her about during a session she was able to identify after a treatment. As a licensed massage therapist myself, I have learned a lot from her.”
– Jacqueline L., LMT, Philadelphia

“You are definitely well taken care of in Brenda’s hands. She takes in consideration what your needs are at the time and what your preference is for pressure, then she delivers the most relaxing shiatsu massage you can get. I feel renewed every time I get her treatments. It’s so nice to know I can trust her skills and compassionate touch to help bring my body to balance!”
– Ana G., Shiatsu Practitioner, Philadelphia

“The best, most tuned in, body worker that I’ve had the great fortune to experience. Brenda Levin, come back to the east coast!”
– Amanda L., Philadelphia

Shiatsu is a wonderful form of treatment and Brenda Levin is an extraordinary practitioner.  Her skill with her hands is equal to her generosity, kindness and know-how.   The rejuvenation you feel after a session with Brenda is as refreshing as a day in the country.”
– Vicki S., Philadelphia

Brenda Levin is an amazing body worker.  Her sensitivity and delicate touch are a rare find in the world of the healing arts.  She is able to meet her clients where they are in their lives and her healing can help those who need physical, emotional, and spiritual healing via bodywork.  The person who comes across Brenda as a healer is a fortunate soul indeed.”
– Natalie L., Philadelphia

Brenda Levin is an incredibly skilled and generous practitioner. Her touch is both skilled and extremely intuitive, and leaves me feeling kind of floaty and totally accepted. I can’t say enough good things about her work.”
– Turtle, Portland

For me, Brenda’s shiatsu treatments are gifts I give to myself. Each treatment is unique, yet the results are always the same: I experience a feeling of improved physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.”
– Alan, Philadelphia

I had never had a Shiatsu massage before receiving one from Brenda. Her ability to heal and reinvigorate my emotional, physical and spiritual self through thoughtful and skilled bodywork have made me anavid promoter of the benefits of Shiatsu and its healing properties ever since. A massage by Brenda is truly therapeutic bliss!”
– Tisha, Trinidad and Tobago

With Brenda’s expertise and caring approach, I find that I feel relaxed, comfortable, and at ease. In addition, my energy levels are replenished. What a gift she gives!”
– Susan, Philadelphia