Seasonally and Nutritionally Attuned to the Fall

What kind of food do you crave in the Fall? I always love foods that are warming, a little bit spicy, and the smell and taste of cinnamon and butter with brown sugar!

Interestingly, according to the Chinese classical text the TangYe Jing, we should be eating more foods that are SOUR in flavor. SOUR? Think pickles! vinegar! fermented foods! and certain fruits like lemons…

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Summer Wellness Tips

“In the three months of summer there is an abundance of sunshine and rain.  The heavenly energy descends, and the earthly energy rises.  When these energies merge there is intercourse between heaven and earth. As a result, plants mature and animals, flowers and fruits appear abundant. One should refrain from anger and stay physically active…it is important to be happy and easygoing…so that the energy can flow freely and communicate between the external and internal.  In this way illness can be averted in the fall.”– The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon of Medicine

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Your Body, Your Health, Your Diet, Your Planet

One of my many classes in the Masters of Nutrition program at the National College of Natural Medicine specifically focuses on community non-profit organizations in Portland, Oregon.

Each week, a new speaker (usually the founder and mastermind of a local non-profit) comes to my classroom to present to us their work in the community. It is, needless to say, incredibly inspiring.

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